Black Duck SeatCovers Airbag Compatible and Certified Seat Covers.

Here at Black Duck your safety is of upmost importance to us, and this is why our seat covers are airbag compatible and certified to ensure the Vehicle Standard Australian Design Rule 72/00 (Dynamic Side Impact Occupant Protection 2005) is not adversely affected.

Meaning, all of our airbag compatible patterns are dynamically tested to ensure they allow the airbag to deploy unobstructed in the case of an emergency.

For cars that have seat-mounted side airbags you should never fit non-certified airbag compatible seat covers as they could interfere with the deployment of the airbags.

Diagram illustrating how Black Duck SeatCovers open and release the seat fitted airbag safely.

How do I know if my vehicle has seat fitted airbags?

Side airbags are generally fitted in the outer cushion of the front seats, in line with the occupant’s ribcage, and inflate between the seat occupant and the door.
You can check if the car is equipped with side airbags, or where they are located, by looking at the outer stitch point on the seat for a small tag that says “airbag”. In the case of a door-mounted airbag, there is usually a small plastic badge that says “airbag”.