FAQ - How do I clean my Denim seat covers?

11 November 2019

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Our denim range is the softest and most comfortable in our range due to the high-density foam backing. However, although it's the most comfortable, it is the least hard-wearing and only offers medium-duty protection. If you are after a more resilient material 4Elements or Canvas would suit your lifestyle better.

The Denim material is a medium-duty cotton twill (16.2oz) with a high-density foam backing for extra comfort.

Perfect for those who love a weekend away or are just after a more comfortable commute.

Black Duck SeatCovers - Denim Grey

Cleaning your denim seat covers:

Step 1: Vacuum to remove any dust, dirt or fur

Step 2: Get a cold damp cloth, preferably the same colour as your seat covers, and wipe your seats down.

Step 3: Allow to dry fully before jumping in

  • DO NOT machine wash (this will remove all the protective coating and misshape your covers!
  • DO NOT tumble dry
  • DO NOT use detergent
  • DO NOT iron

*Please note that the material may discolour after washing.

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