Our standard canvas colours are grey, black and brown. Other colours are available on request for a small additional fee. These include navy, maroon, blue, beige and green.  Our Denim is only available in Black and Grey. View our products today!

Yes, seat covers are available for a wide range of transport, earthmoving and agricultural machinery. View our products today!
Yes, Black Duck have a side fitted airbag compatible seat cover range. Black Duck airbag compatible seat covers are tested at a purpose built government approved laboratory and receive an official test certificate once they are approved, for your safety and peace of mind. View our airbag fitted seat covers here.
The R&D team at Black Duck have designed Black Duck certified airbag compatible seat covers to sense the amount of force being applied from within, as the seat fitted side airbag deploys. Consequently, the instant the force reaches a certain parameter, the seams separate allowing the safety airbag to fully deploy.
We have chosen to design your seat covers in such a way that they still fully protect the seat from wear, dirt, grime and damage without affecting the level of safety that seat fitted side airbags afford the vehicle occupants.
Yes, the Black Duck airbag compatible range of seat covers are individually tested and certified and our certificates clearly state there is no compromise to the safety of the vehicle occupants. Providing the correct seat covers for the vehicle are correctly fitted to the seats, Black Duck airbag compatible seat covers still maintain compliance with ADR requirements. Substantial research and testing at a Government approved testing laboratory is undertaken for each different model before they are approved certified and released for sale. This is a time consuming and expensive process, but we think you will agree that your safety is worth it!
Normally just vacuum and wipe over with a damp cloth. If excessively dirty, you may need to remove them and hose them down with low pressure water and lightly brush dirt off. Do not use detergent. Hang out to drip dry.
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No, Black Duck Seat Covers are designed to be as easy as possible to fit, whilst holding the seat cover securely in place.
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Yes, headrest covers are included except as indicated otherwise in the catalogue.
Yes, after a little use, the Canvas ‘beds in’ giving all year round comfort.
Yes, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, to give you peace of mind that you have made the right choice.
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Black Duck Seat Covers are 100% manufactured right here in Australia by Black Duck Canvas Products.
We currently have two manufacturing factories, in WA & VIC.

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No, our seat covers are designed to fit the seat so there is no movement between the original seat and the seat cover. 
 Yes. Black Duck Seat Covers won’t affect your seat heating.