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Lauren, Jeff & Rosie

Aus Camping Adventures

These seat covers (4ELEMENTS) are a mixture of canvas and denim and fit our Prado seats like a glove. For us, it is pretty crucial to protect our seats if we want to keep the value of our car, because we spend so much time going on adventures that involve sand, mud, dirt, fishing gear, a small child and a dog that drops so much hair I am surprised she isn’t bald yet! Having good seat covers that feel really comfortable to sit on is perfect for our lifestyle. We do a lot of camping and 4wding and even plan on travelling around Australia in a few years’ time when Rosie is a bit older (and who knows, she might even have a sibling by then), this is a dream of ours that we know will create priceless memories for our family. It is so worth investing in good quality seat covers that will last the life of your vehicle. We would highly recommend the new 4Elements covers.

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