4Elements® Seat Covers - Available for all part numbers in BLACK

Bred For Performance

4Elements by Black Duck® SeatCovers is tested to withstand tough conditions without compromising on comfort. Featuring a 19.2oz Cotton Twill Composite, this is a heavyweight product with a soft and flexible feel for the ultimate in seat protection.

Made from a 100% waterproof material that is also machine washable to keep your vehicle seats in pristine condition – you won’t be disappointed!

Our most advanced seat cover yet!

  • 19.2 oz Cotton Twill Composite
  • Hard Wearing Protection
  • 100% Waterproof Material
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Washable
  • UV Resistant
  • Tailored Fit for Comfort and Style
  • Air-bag Compatible
  • Exclusive to Black Duck
  • Available in Black and Grey
4 Elements Star Ratings

Colour Options

    Standard Colours
  • Black
  • Grey - Currently Unavailable

Proudly Australian Made

Our heavy-duty canvas and 4Elements seat covers are made in Australia using Australian-made materials developed specifically for the harsh Australian climate. With manufacturing facilities in WA and over 1,900 resellers across Australia, your perfect seat cover is never far away!

What our customers say

ARB Team Memeber

Natasha Martin

ARB Team Memeber

I was very impressed because it showed they were water tight!

When I first fitted them they were easy to install, everything lined up and it only took me 20 minutes to do my whole vehicle. They clean easy, don’t rub off on clothing (being black I thought they would rub off on white). I have a pretty social lifestyle, I go 4by with mates and usually get water or mud through the car. I have mates that like to get in my car covered in dirt and dust. I also motorbike ride and tend to chuck my gear in the back after a ride. These seat covers have been tested to their full potential with me. I have had mates drinking spill bundy over them, one of them cooked snags on my back seat with the butane and the heat didn’t affect them (wouldn’t recommend by the way)! The day after a BNS I discovered bundy cans in the pocket of the front seat and the spilled bundy was still sitting in the pocket! I was very impressed cause it showed they were water tight! They clean very well for the bundy I soaked it up, sprayed it so it didn’t go sticky and they were good as new. I had my moto boots and gear on the back seat after a ride, they left dirt and mud on the back seat, again came straight off with a vac and wipe. They survived a BNS with people getting in and out of the Rado and everything else in between. They for sure get full points from me."