Mining & Civil

Since Black Duck® started in 1984 we understand how much the Australian Mining Industry has changed over the years. This is why Black Duck has been pioneering product development to ensure our seat covers offer your vehicle the heavy-duty protection that it needs whilst still complying with all health and safety requirements.

Airbag Label 2


  • There is a range of fabrics available to suit your needs - we would recommend our 14.9oz Military Grade Canvas
  • Tailor-made so you retain full functionality to buttons, levers, adjusters, cup holders
  • Air-bag compliant, all of our air-bag compatible patterns are dynamically tested to ensure they allow the air-bag to deploy unobstructed in the case of an emergency.
  • The fabrics and manufacturing techniques used for our seat covers are tested against nationally recognised methods for safety and performance.
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Our seat covers are perfect for vehicles in the Mining and Civil sector!

4 Elements Levers

Allows Access to all Levers and Buttons

Seat covers need to be practical and should never obstruct you during your daily work. Black Duck SeatCovers allows access to all the necessities you need day to day.

Side by Side Small

Tightly Woven Materials

Working on mines means a lot of dust gets in your vehicle. Our materials, Canvas and 4Elements® are tightly woven to stop any dust, sand or dirt from ever touching your original seats. Making them a perfect fit for the mining and civil environment.

Airbag Compatible 1

Safety System Compliant

Don't compromise your vehicles 5-star ANCAP safety rating by fitting non-certified seat covers. Black Duck's air-bag compatible seat covers are available to suit a wide range of vehicles equipped with seat-fitted airbags. Our seat covers are tested and certified, so the safety of the vehicles’ occupants is never compromised.

Don't just take our word for it

What is fantastic about the 4ELEMENTS covers is that after the weekender, all I had to do was give it a quick wipe and a vacuum and they look brand spanking new. If you are looking for a set of top quality, Australian made seat covers that are super durable, comfortable to spend a large amount of time in, look great and are airbag compatible, then the new 4ELEMENTS seat covers would be extremely hard to go past. The crew at Down & Dirty Offroad have tried and tested a variety of different seat covers but none that suit the work and play lifestyle we live and breathe.