How are Black Duck Seat Covers produced?

From research & development right through to despatching the final product from our warehouse, Black Duck Seat Covers’ operation procedures are set up and streamlined to ensure that our mission ‘to provide the absolute best in seat protection’ is the benchmark in every stage of production.

1. Research & Development (R&D)

Our R&D team constantly monitors new vehicles on the market or those about to be released, and many new vehicles are speedily accommodated for. Our trained and highly skilled team uses the latest available technology in laser and structured light three dimensional scanning, and together with excellent relationships with many vehicle dealerships, can greatly minimize the time from design to making the product available to the public.

2. Cutting

Black Duck Seat Covers use state-of-the-art automated computerized cutting machinery to ensure accuracy and consistency with every batch.

3. Assembly

Trained sewing machinists and machine operators pay close attention to detail, ensuring consistent outstanding production quality in every seat cover.

4. Checking

Quality checks are carried out and seat covers are packaged ready for despatch.
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5. Despatch

Goods are despatched on overnight courier or air freight for fast delivery!