Black Duck Canvas Products has a long established reputation for high quality and have developed over many years, a robust, well designed seat cover that will offer the best protection possible to your vehicle seats. Because of this reputation, we take our quality control measures very seriously.


Quality to the Max

After researching many different seat covers, materials & construction methodologies worldwide, we believe we have finally developed the absolute best available product available anywhere for the protection of your vehicle seats, 4×4 seats & machinery seats to date.

Over the years we have been continually adjusting & modifying the composition & manufacturing processes to arrive at the carefully selected properties that we have identified as being essential to give the necessary strength & comfort that our seat covers now provide.

The end result of all the research and development is that we now have a specifically modified blend of cotton/ polyester ‘canvas’ with the specifically required properties, manufactured on state of the art machinery right here in Australia, this gives the seat covers many special features and we have developed a system of manufacture exclusively suited to the product that we specialise in, Black Duck Seat Covers!

Max strength

The use of the right mix of Polyester (the strength component) means these seat covers have a very high strength rating and they are extremely durable and hard wearing.

Max Comfort

Several factors must be taken into account to give the maximum comfort without sacrificing the legendary durability. The cotton is part of the secret that provides the comfort, another is the proofing process. This involves a special blend of modified waterproofing and rotproofing agents being impregnated into the fabric itself. It is a very critical process which involves treating and also ‘heat setting’ the fabric through a system of huge machinery (the length of the complete line is around 60 meters) and it requires very close tolerances to achieve the correct desired results.

Some types of canvas are very harsh. The cotton mix and direction (the warp and the weft) is one of the key factors contributing to the comfort of Black Duck Seat Covers, and, as a result, comfort is maintained for long periods.

Max water resistance

Once again, the cotton/ polyester mix and the treatment process has been refined over many years to come up with a water resistant product, which prevents stains on the seats from liquid spills. This also includes agents to prevent deterioration of the fabric structure from atmospheric effects, including the effects of UV radiation and mildew etc.

Max Breathability

Seats need to breathe or they become musty and lose their ‘new car’ smell. Black Duck Seat Covers keep your seats like new and increase your resale value. You will find them comfortable to sit on all year round – not hot and sweaty like vinyl.

Max Protection

Eliminate wear caused by grit and dust. The sand grit and dust that gets into everything, penetrates through cloth type seat covers and eats away at your seat trim and stitching. Black Duck Seat Covers are fully dust proof and completely eliminate grit and even fine dust, from damaging your vehicle seats.

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