FAQ - How do I clean my 4Elements Black Duck SeatCovers?

12 November 2019

Machine Washable Seat Covers

By having a set of 4Elements® by Black Duck® SeatCovers you already know that they are the most advanced seat covers out there, but how do you clean them?

Cleaning after a day playing on the sand dunes (light mess):

Step 1: Vacuum up any loose debris.

Step 2: Get a cold damp cloth, preferably the same colour as your seat covers, and wipe your seats down.

Step 3: Leave them to dry, and voila, they're as good as new!

Cleaning after a big adventure (heavy mess):

Step 1: Remove covers from your vehicle and place into the washing machine.

Step 2: Choose a gentle, cold cycle. Do not use detergent.

Step 3: Once the washing cycle has finished, remove your seat covers, lie them flat in the shade and allow them to dry, inside and out.

Step 4: Put seat covers back onto your seats and start to plan your next wild adventure!

**NOTE** Please do not dry clean, tumble dry or iron your 4Elements® seat covers as this will damage them.

How are you finding your Black Duck SeatCovers, we'd love to know!

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