Do Black Duck SeatCovers have a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee, to give you peace of mind that you have made the right choice.

Where are Black Duck SeatCovers made?

They are made right here in Australia. We have two manufacturing locations, Forrestdale WA and Wangaratta VIC.

What colours are available?

This is dependent on what fabric you choose.


Our Standard colours are:  Grey, Black and Brown

Our Non-Standard colours are: Light Sand, Khaki, Blue, Maroon, and Camo. Non-Standard colours do incur a small additional fee.

4ELEMENTS and Denim: Grey and Black

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How do you clean them?

This varies depending on what fabric you have chosen, please follow this link to our page for details about how to clean your seat covers.

Do Black Duck SeatCovers damage leather seats?

No, our seat covers are tailor made to fit the seat perfectly, which means there is no movement between the cover and the original seat stopping any damage to the leather.

Are Black Duck SeatCovers available for trucks and earthmoving equipment?

Yes, Black Duck provides seat covers for a wide range of transportation, earthmoving and agricultural machinery. Visit our industries page to read about how Black Duck SeatCovers can benefit you!

How do Black Duck certified airbag compatible seat covers work and are they safe?

Yes they are safe, the Black Duck airbag compatible range of seat covers are individually tested and certified and our certificates clearly state there is no compromise to the safety of the vehicle occupants. Providing the correct seat covers for the vehicle are correctly fitted to the seats, Black Duck airbag compatible seat covers still maintain compliance with ADR requirements. Substantial research and testing at a Government approved testing laboratory is undertaken for each different model before they are approved certified and released for sale. This is a time consuming and expensive process, but we think you will agree that your safety is worth it! The Black Duck SeatCovers range of airbag compatible seat covers are dynamically tested and certified to ensure Vehicle Standard Australian Design Rule 72/00 (Dynamic Side Impact Occupant Protection 2005) is not adversely affected. The stitching along the seam where the airbag sits is designed to separate, in the event of an accident, allowing the airbag to fully deploy. Watch one of our Black Duck SeatCovers in action here.

Are they difficult to fit?

With every pattern made, our tailor creates clever designs to make sure the covers are as easy to fit as possible. However, if you are having any difficulty give us a call on 1300 252 253 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

Are they comfortable?

Yes! All our seat covers are tailor made for your comfort. Our range of fabrics offer different comfort levels. Our 4ELEMENTS is our newest fabric and offers heavy duty protection with a soft and flexible finish. Our Denim is our comfiest cover as it comes with a foam backing, however this does compromise on the protection level. Our Canvas takes a little time to relax and mould into the seat, our top tip is after a couple of weeks in your vehicle they will have relaxed into the shape of your seat and you should retighten them for the best fit and comfort. Click here to read what our customers have to say.

Can Black Duck SeatCovers be fitted to seats with seat heating?

Yes, our covers will not effect your seat heating.

Still have a question?

You can contact us directly on 1300 252 253, or email us sales@blackduck.com.au and one of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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